As LGBT parents, friends and allies, how do we teach our kids to be accepting of same sex relationships? Sometimes the best way to teach a kid, is to not teach them anything at all. Homophobia is not something kids are born with, it’s a behaviour that’s taught. The Great Meeting Room is a way to include different types of relationships in your child’s libaray without alluding to it as something different.

The Great Meeting Room is a story about two boys who search the world for understanding but discover something better, love. The Great Meeting Room is an allegory for our time and a potent reminder that what we seek from the world is already within us.


Raymond Helkio is a writer, director and graduate of the Ontario College of Art & Design. He’s an active LGBT human rights activist, founder of The Reading Salon and a Canadian ambassador for the Moral Courage Project. You can contact him here.

The Great Meeting Room by Raymond Helkio
Sticky Pulp Press,
The Reading Salon   © December 2000, October 2011, November 2015 ISBN 978-0-9878284-0-8