Apartment #3, Hair Of The Dog, Toronto

This is the first time I’ve flown Porter and the views of the city from the terminal are stunning. I had no idea Toronto was so beautiful but this trip has reminded me that this place is not just beautiful it’s my home. Stewart and I only had three days to cram in an entire lifetime worth of friends and family and we did it! We didn’t see everyone but we managed to have a picture perfect Christmas dinner at the Borden’s followed by a Boxing Day filled with good friends and plenty of shenanigans.

Gucci, Rolyn's cat formally belonging to Dean Kish

Gucci, Rolyn’s cat (formally belonging to Dean Kish)

As strange as it sounds much of my visit with friends was spent taking about Ajax and while death and dying my not seem like the type of thing one should be discussing over the holidays it turns out that’s precisely the right time because it allowed me to just be sad, which ironically is the quicker route to happiness. My best friend Rolyn had to put his cat down last week and so the two us were able to share the tragedy of having lost a pet and the more I talked, the lighter my shoulders became. Talking about a pet or loved one is not enough to bring them back but it’s enough to ensure they are included.

The farther we get from Toronto, the deeper my homesickness gets which is actually a good sign in disguise because it means I have something to be homesick about.

P.S. To everyone who bought a copy of The Great Meeting Room, THANK YOU! Especially if you bought it from Glad Day Bookshop because now more than ever they really need our financial and moral support. They are the world’s OLDEST LGBT bookstore, a hub of creativity for artists-run events and the keepers of our history. Special thanks: Mike Twamley, Rob & Doug Lawrence, Rob & Dianna Colman and Frank Prendergast.

P.P.S. A heart felt thank you to Stephen Little for taking a copy for The 519 Community Centre in Toronto.

P.P.P.S. Apartment #3 at Hair Of The Dog Pub. Thank you for giving us such a warm and cozy place to stay during our visit, Michael and Keir you are both angels and we left apartment #3 with a copy of The Great Meeting Room.

P.P.P.P.S. Thank you MISS Butter for the Angel Card readings, you are a gem. And my surrogate family Hamlet In A Hot Tub, I love you!

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