Fan Mail, Congress And The Illusion Of Meeting Rooms

There was a time when opening my mail meant sorting through actual mail, you know like letters, cheques, cards, donation requests and some junk mail but all that has changed. In recent years the mail has become so dreadful that I almost want to seal up my mailbox and just refuse mail delivery altogether. Other than the very odd cheque my mailbox has become nothing short of a recycle box. The delivery person drops a bunch of junk mail into the mailbox that I then toss into the blue bin. But today was very special because among all the junk and charity requests for money there was a note from a young girl named Lauren. Lauren read The Great Meeting Room and sent me a hand made card which made my Monday morning.

The rest of my books came today (sixteen more boxes) by UPS ground shipping and while I had thought it would be exciting to get them I’m honestly not so sure anymore. It’s stressful looking at those boxes just sitting there in my hallway like an overpriced paperweight. The Boxes of The Great Meeting Roompast month has been spent getting my books into stores which hasn’t left much time to actually promote the books. If I’m lucky I might sell a few before Christmas but that’s hardly going to make a dent in my supply. The best I can tell I haven’t sold a single book from this batch but that’s okay because I realize that just having in the store is not enough. One of the lessons I knew going into this was that my books are not going to sell themselves which leaves me to do it on my own. If I had an extra $2000 I could hire a PR agent and I think that would be a good investment however I just don’t have that kind of money but I do have a lot of PR experience so it’s time to put that to work. This Thursday I’m heading to Washington DC to watch Irshad receive an award and so I booked my return train later in the evening so I can film a short promo video from the steps of Congress. I picked Congress because just like The Great Meeting Room, it exists to take care of it’s people but in reality they only serve themselves. The Supreme Court, United Nations, City Hall, The White House, are all important organizations but not nearly as powerful or as effective as the general public would like to believe. Sure it feels good to think that those in charge have it all figured out but that’s not true and that’s okay. I drafted up a press release for Washington which you can read here. In DC there is a gay radio station, Inside Out WPFW FM 89.3 that I’d like to be interviewed on and so this might give me the in I need.

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