Go Ahead Label Me: LGBT Children’s Books, 6-8 Years

Just outside our place is the Union Square Barnes & Noble which also happens to be on my list for places I’d like to have my book at. I’m impartial to independent bookshops but this transaction is about the size of B&N’s database, the one people who search for a book title in my book’s genre would likely use and end up with The Great Meeting Room as a recommendation. LGBT children’s books 6-8 years is a small but expanding category which is good news at this juncture in the publishing industry.

Recommended BooksTo submit a book to B&N, the website says to prepare a package for the Children’s Book Editor at the parent company Sterling Books over on Avenue of The Americas. I pulled together a package that included my intro letter (see it here), a cv of related art projects and publications, a copy of my marketing plan and a copy of the book. I wrapped all this up in a green bow (I’m serious!) and jumped on my CitiBike to drop it off.

At the building they wouldn’t let me go up to the seventeenth floor (was it the green ribbon?) so security sends me to the mailroom who sent me back over to lobby security. The issue was I didn’t have a name on the package, just “Children’s Book Editor” so they called up for someone to come down. That’s awkward, I just wanted to get this to the right person, not interrupt their day. I do want to get it into the right hands but this is a really busy industry and they probably get dozens of these a day and I’m making someone come down to get mine. This will either make my package more memorable or I’ll be instantly hated for being so annoying, either way the fellow came down was nice enough about the whole thing so at least I know it made it.

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