Why That’s A Mighty Big Marketing Plan You Have There

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There are so many things that I could do, should do, must do that the thought of actually selling my book is getting me anxious. I need a plan to put me back in control and because I don’t have very… Continue Reading

Shenzhen To New York And Back To Toronto

Irshad Manji reads The Great Meeting Room

Photo of: Professor Irshad Manji, Moral Courage Project When I ordered my books four weeks ago I had one hundred sent by airmail  from Shenzhen China (two weeks delivery) and the remaining four hundred by ground delivery which is a lot cheaper but adds four… Continue Reading

Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Publishing Your Book But Didn’t Know Who To Ask

These books were ordered print on demand and while it costs a lot per unit it's worth it to get feedback BEFORE your first print run.

This is not my first time publishing, over the years I have produced hundreds of publications, several magazines, dozens of zines but this is the first real book. When I say real it’s not to diminish the importance the previous works I have been involved with but real… Continue Reading