Apartment #3, Hair Of The Dog, Toronto

This is the first time I’ve flown Porter and the views of the city from the terminal are stunning. I had no idea Toronto was so beautiful but this trip has reminded me that this place is not just beautiful it’s… Continue Reading

By A Strand

I got my first rejection letter. Actually it was an email which at least means technology is helping publishers to reject authors quicker. A few days after reviewing a PDF copy of my book, I received the following response from Strand Books, in Union Square: Hi Raymond, It… Continue Reading

Shenzhen To New York And Back To Toronto

Photo of: Professor Irshad Manji, Moral Courage Project When I ordered my books four weeks ago I had one hundred sent by airmail  from Shenzhen China (two weeks delivery) and the remaining four hundred by ground delivery which is a lot cheaper but adds four… Continue Reading