Why That’s A Mighty Big Marketing Plan You Have There

There are so many things that I could do, should do, must do that the thought of actually selling my book is getting me anxious. I need a plan to put me back in control and because I don’t have very much money I’ve started by making a list of free, or next-to-free, things that I could do to sell the book. Using an Excel spreadsheet, I added some dates along the top, labeled the lefthand column “Marketing Ideas” and then started entering in the ideas down the column. During the weeks that followed any new ideas that came to me (or that I came across) got added to the list, even the not-so-good ones, until my list had grown to over fifty individual items. I also read a several online publications and books including Publicize Your Book by Jaqueline Deval which is full of great ideas, some of which got added to my list. The size of one’s list doesn’t matter as much as the quality of the items in it. Or so I keep telling myself.

With my ideas laid out in one list I went through each one, assigned it a task under the appropriate date and voila, I had a marketing plan. Okay more like a fancy “To Do” list but so far it’s been enough to keep me in control of the project and somewhat more optimistic about my chancers of success. My final touch was to add in sales tracking so I inserted another row along the top for Projected  Sales/Actual Sales and now I have a way of tracking my progress and figuring out what’s working and what’s not.

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